The camber rods attach the bottom of the suspension knuckle to the frame and allow adjustment of the camber of the rear tires.  Camber is the angle of the rear tire with respect to the road surface.

Camber rods come in red anodized aluminum or plain steel (great for powder coat or paint).  The steel arms are approximately 1/2 lb heavier than the aluminum, and because of the thinner tubing wall and reduced diameter, they are only 85% as strong as the aluminum (based on the critical load of a buckling column with an effective length of the maximum rod end bolt distance).  

Click here to read an article that details the characteristics of a rod end suspension and how it compares to OE bushings.

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Gallery of Camber Rods installed on customer's C4s

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Typical camber rods, finish options and kit contents

C4 Rear Camber Rods