The toe rods attach the back of the suspension knuckle to the frame and allow adjustment of the toe of the rear tires.  Toe is the angle of the rear tire with respect to the drive shaft.

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The inner rod ends of the toe rods attach to the differential carrier using a unique bracket system that is designed to assist the user by holding the head of the rod end mounting bolts during the final assembly and torquing of the fasteners.  Normally this type of system would require two wrenches, one to hold the head of the hex bolt and the other to tighten the nut.  Our system however has a feature to hold the head of the hex bolt in place while the nuts are torqued, simplifying installation.

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Gallery of Toe Rods installed on customer's C4s

The outer rod ends of the toe rods attach to the suspension knuckle using an adapter especially designed for use with our system.  The adapter bolts directly to the knuckle using the OE mounting hole in the knuckle and provides the necessary mounting features for the outer rod ends, that simply bolt to the adapter.

SPECIAL ORDER          $395 (P/N C4IRS-51)

          We also offer a "Special Order" Toe Rod kit that includes the toe rod bodies in red, anodized aluminum with yellow omega style clamps as the locking mechanism.  These toe rods come with the Teflon lined rod ends fully assembled to the toe rod body and the rod end boots installed.  These toe rods undergo additional machining and are hand fit to ensure proper fit & function.
          Please note that because these toe rods are built specifically after they are ordered, it can take up to one week for them to ship.

C4 Rear Toe Rods

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"Special Order" Toe Rod kit contents