The multi-link rear suspension of the C4s were an improvement for this generation Corvette.  Replacing the factory rubber bushings with urethane has some advantages but the only real way to maximize the rear grip of your C4 is to use a spherical rod end type suspension.

Now we certainly cannot take credit for being the first to put rod ends on a Corvette.  BUT, we can take credit for designing a system that has been track tested to improve rear grip and reduce lap times as well as improve grip and handling on the street.  We also feel our system is easier to setup and make sure your suspension settings stay where they should over time.

All our components are made here in the United States by quality vendors that we have dealt with for a number of years.

          Our rod ends are made up of a low carbon steel body with a corrosion resistant plating, a hard chrome plated alloy steel ball and a PTFE composite (Teflon) lining.  These rod ends are a dry lube system and do not require grease (grease is actually not even recommended).

          To protect and lengthen the life of the rod ends they are sold with rubber dust boots installed to reduce the chances of dust, dirt and road grime getting in to the Teflon lining of the rod ends.

          Our Trailing Arm and Camber rod spacers and adapter plates are made from 300 series stainless steel and are specifically designed to make a bolt in replacement for the OE suspension links.

          Our Toe Rod hardware kit has 300 series stainless steel adapter and safety plates as well as 300 series stainless steel knuckle adapters.  The 5/8"-11 fasteners are high strength, Grade 8 with a Yellow Zinc finish.  The 3/8"-16 and 5/16"-18 fasteners are Grade 5 with a Zinc plating.  The M10 metric fasteners are high strength, Class 10.9 with a black oxide finish.

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