The rod ends are rated for an ultimate static radial load of 8,200 lb and can rotate up to 18°per side.

Above: diagram of rod end, shown rotated the maximum amount, with tapered spacers in place.

Key components of our system: rod end

The knock on rod end suspensions has always been that it’s “too harsh” for street use.  That’s only true if you’re using rod ends that are metal on metal.  Even with grease applied, whether by hand or via a fitting, the metal ball will still contact the metal body, resulting in noise.

Our product uses a high quality, US sourced, Teflon lined rod end from a premier bearing manufacturer.  The body of the rod end is made from low carbon steel with a corrosion resistant plating.  The ball is heat treated alloy steel with a hard chrome plating.

The Teflon lining is between the ball and the body so there is no metal to metal contact, reducing noise and the feeling of rigidity.  In addition, Teflon does not need lubrication so there is no grease which is always a lot cleaner and easier to maintain.