There have been some issues recently with packages arriving to our customers damaged or outright opened and missing components.  In extreme cases it would appear the packages had been stolen entirely.

We make every effort to ensure that our products are properly packaged to secure and protect them in transit.  However, we obviously cannot control how packages are ultimately handled and if they are vandalized in some way.

In the past we have replaced missing components at no cost to ensure good customer service.  But with the increasing number of cases we cannot continue to bear the costs of replacing components that are lost through no fault of ours.

To that end we have made some changes.  We continue to offer FedEx domestic shipping services but have added UPS domestic shipping services as well, in case you have a preference.  We ask that you carefully consider your option for requiring some kind of signature for delivery.  Although we will ship with "no signature required" please keep in mind that having at least an "adult signature required" provides the opportunity for a very quick visual inspection before accepting delivery and if there is an obvious issue with damage or vandalism it can be addressed immediately with the delivery driver.

With regards to insurance: if you are using either FedEx or UPS, there is no need to insure your package(s).  We will always declare the value of the shipment as the full retail price of your order.  Both FedEx & UPS consider this declared value the amount of liability they are responsible for if the package is damaged or lost.

We will also ship via US Postal Service, which will require an additional insurance fee.  Because of some nuances with our online store you will not see those shipping options when placing your order online.  So, we ask that if you would like to have your order shipped via USPS please contact us and we'll be happy to get you a binding quote on shipping costs and determine how to complete your order, either via PayPal or directly with a credit card.  Usually the most cost effective and easy way to ship via USPS is by using their flat rate boxes.  You can view the domestic flat rate box prices by clicking here.

Mistakes do sometimes happen and at times smaller components of the suspension kits can be forgotten.  Please know that in those cases we will happily send you the forgotten items at no additional cost so your order is complete.  To help with that we suggest taking a picture of the package before you open it, whether there is visible damage or not.  Obviously if there is damage you may need that photo when dealing with the shipper to resolve the issue.  If it's not damaged and you still find something missing it will help us ensure we can properly, and promptly, get you the proper items.

We regret having to make these changes and having to add any "terms and conditions" to placing orders with us but it seems to be a sign of the times and a necessary part of doing business.  You can review the terms and conditions below and by clicking on the button below accept our terms and conditions.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  By accepting these terms and conditions you are acknowledging that: (1) customer accepts responsibility for resolving any issues with damaged, opened or vandalized packages containing Banski MotorSports LLC products with their chosen shipper (FedEx, UPS or USPS). (2) customer acknowledges that Banski MotorSports LLC is not required to replace missing components of products that arrive in damaged, opened or vandalized packages free of charge. (3) customer acknowledges that Banski MotorSports LLC recommends careful consideration of insuring the shipment against loss or damage. (4) customer acknowledges that Banski MotorSports LLC strongly recommends that a signature be required for delivery. (5) customer acknowledges these terms and conditions apply to any and all products contained in this order regardless of the number of packages shipped.

For information on international shipping, please click here.